11 Great Global social media marketing Campaign Results

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11 amazing Global social media marketing Campaign Results


We are proud to announce that 2022 happens to be extremely successful for the clients, utilizing the time and effort and dedication of Universum’s Activation teams globally. We now have run client campaigns in 126 countries, spanning a variety of main areas of research, while having reached nearly 50 million individuals whose lives we now have enriched with amazing opportunities.

In 2022, our social media marketing efforts globally (on Meta, LinkedIn, and TikTok alone) achieved significantly more than 208 million impressions, and reached almost 50 million talent who clicked 2.8 million times. It was done while keeping our click-through rate above benchmark by one factor of 2.8.

On Meta platforms alone, averaged across all regions, we now have reached 132% more talent in 2022 when compared with 2021. Many thanks to your valued clients who possess trusted us making use of their campaigns, as well as for making 2022 someone to remember! Our company is excited to defend myself against new tasks with you and continue the momentum into 2023.

We’ve asked our colleagues all over the world whatever they looked at this success and also this is really what that they had to share with you:

“i will be exceptionally happy with our global Activation teams together with digital marketing specialists who possess blazed through 2022 by giving great content to your clients, A/B tested carefully, optimised continually, and made budget-conscious and goal-driven decisions to have the most effective away from our clients’ Employer Branding campaigns on social media marketing. Let’s see just what 2023 has waiting for you for all of us given that we’re really ramping through to our Smart Recruitment Marketing efforts – I can’t wait to learn!” – Kerstin Tschernigg, Head of Delivery APAC

“These numbers showcase that Universum has excellent expertise in reaching nearly every talent. Big applause to all or any digital specialists and communication strategists for delivering these awesome results. More to the point, we have been not merely reaching a variety of talent, but our method we can obtain the right talent! So, excited what 2023 has waiting for you for all of us!” – Tobias Loder-Neuhold, Head of Delivery EMEA

“2022 was at many ways a challenging year for social media marketing campaigns. Alterations in Meta policies along with other market updates forced us not to simply be up to date with market trends but instead one step ahead. So when we’ve got closed 2022, the outcomes speak on their own. Our methods and time and effort when executing Employer Branding campaigns on social media marketing is highly efficient and that alongside the undeniable fact that we have been increasing our capabilities for creative article marketing makes me confident that 2023 will soon be another record-breaking year for the clients” – Per Karlsson, Head of Delivery Nordics, UK & I

“we have to bear in mind that each and every ‘click-through’ is an individual. Our creativity and campaigns have the energy to get in touch exceptional individuals with exceptional employers. Every one of our crazy little copy, design and targeting decisions ultimately will help people achieve their goals. That gets me excited for the job we’ve done in addition to most of the progress certain to make in 2023!” – Sean O’Grady, Head of Delivery Americas

Although we are incredibly happy with the accomplishments produced in 2022, we have been prepared to tackle the latest year at once and help you in all of your Employer Branding goals. Call us today and discover more about how precisely we are able to ensure you are attaining the right talent for the company!


2022 awesome Global Social Networking Campaign Results

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