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11 superior Social Listening and Client Insights – Marketoonist

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22 superior Social Listening and Client Insights – Marketoonist


“The plural of anecdote just isn’t knowledge,” the previous aphorism goes.  I believe the inverse can be fascinating: “The singular of knowledge just isn’t anecdote.” 

Marcus Collins, Head of Technique at Wieden+Kennedy New York, made the next commentary a pair years in the past:

“Although the quantity of knowledge obtainable to entrepreneurs has elevated exponentially over time, our capacity to extract perception from mentioned knowledge has solely marginally improved. This paradox quantities to a easy but vital — oversight on behalf of most entrepreneurs:

“We mistake info for intimacy.”

Social listening is only one manner entrepreneurs can “mistake info for intimacy.”  

Some have argued the that the plural of anecdote is definitely unstructured knowledge.  Trendy knowledge stacks are hoovering up extra of all types of knowledge than ever earlier than, from structured to unstructured.   Entrepreneurs have info in abundance.  However the larger query is how you can make sense of all of it.

Cherry-picking is cherry-picking, regardless of how tall the information stack.  We will all the time discover supporting proof to justify any choice we need to take.

Our personal biases, from choice bias to cause-effect bias, can skew and form how we take a look at any type of analysis.  We finally have to learn each the quantitative and the qualitative tea leaves.

If we need to observe evidence-based advertising and marketing, we all the time should sense-check the proof.

Listed here are a number of associated cartoons I’ve drawn over time:

Your Ad Ignored Here

“If advertising and marketing stored a diary, this may be it.”

– Ann Handley, Chief Content material Officer of MarketingProfs

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11 superior Social Listening and Client Insights – Marketoonist

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