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2022 Great Reinventing Marketing cartoon – Marketoonist

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22 awesome Reinventing Marketing cartoon – Marketoonist My last cartoon ahead of the holidays was about playing it safe

.  One other extreme is complete reinvention.

There’s truth in Bill Gates’ classic 1996 observation:

“We always overestimate the alteration which will take place in the following 2 yrs and underestimate the alteration which will take place in the following ten.”

Organizations will get get stuck in a rut and resist change.  And yet we simultaneously usually tend to overstate change, which could result in jumping in the bandwagons of shiny new things such as NFT collections, which peaked this time around a year ago.

Navigating change is a long-term constant in marketing. recently i stumbled across a McKinsey article titled “The Changing Face of Marketing

.”  What amazed me is the fact that it had been written in 1966, nearly six decades ago.  The content was about everything changing, and yet passages read just as if they are able to have already been written this week:

“Change could be the dominant fact of life in almost every business today. While the capability to master and exploit change is now one of the more sought-after management skills. This will be particularly true in marketing, where in fact the very tempo of change is continually quickening…

“Today’s chief executive faces a baffling dilemma. Change gets costlier each day; yet not changing may be costlier still. And also while adapting to improve, an organization’s marketing effort must reflect an inside constancy of purpose and an external consistency of image.”

Here’s to some other year of more things changing and much more things staying exactly the same.

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And below are a few related cartoons I’ve drawn over time:

“If marketing kept a diary, this might be it.”

– Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs

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11 awesome Reinventing Marketing cartoon – Marketoonist

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