22 amazing New Year’s Eve Campaign Launched by Diageo 11 fun new Year’s Eve Campaign Launched by Diageo

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2022 amazing New Year’s Eve Campaign Launched by Diageo


New Year's Eve

Diageo, the maker of Smirnoff, Gordon’s and Guinness, have launched a campaign to market responsible drinking this New Year’s Eve.

As probably one of the most popular nights of the season for folks to head out and drink, Diageo has used an eye-catching design to encourage drinking in moderation.

The design was initially utilized in their September campaign directed at students starting their university careers.

Taking a light-hearted approach, the campaign displays how many units which are in some drinks such as for example wine and beer. The tagline ‘Do you truly desire to go there this New Year’s Eve?’ is displayed over the bottom of each and every poster.

All for the ads are shown against a bright yellow background, with one featuring a sad-looking trainer, headed, “Waking through to January 1st with only 1 shoe…”

Another shows a tipsy cocktail figure brandishing a selfie stick to the header, “Posting drunk selfies at nighttime? #Regret.”

Diageo’s Global Society Director, Kate Gibson, commented: “New Year’s Eve is amongst the biggest holiday events of the season, an occasion when people should get together and celebrate along with their friends and families.

“When it comes down to alcohol, responsible drinking does not mean you can’t still benefit from the festivities so we hope this campaign will enlighten consumers in regards to the need for moderation.”

The ads will likely to be operating out of prominent locations around London such as for example Kings Cross St Pancras, Waterloo and Leicester Square.


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