Nailing Your Employer Brand Communication in 2022! – 5 Concrete TipsFor our first webinar of the season, “Nailing your employer brand communication in 2022”, our two hosts, Mika Sallinen and Daniel Wägerth shared

5 ideas to assist you to with you Employer Branding strategy, and exactly how to tailor it to your very own company. We get into information on tips on how to be noticeable and differentiate yourself from your own competition. 5. Smart Recruitment Marketing

Our Smart Recruitment Marketing webinar hosted earlier this season, allowed us to share with you data-driven methodologies for attaining the right talent, using the right message, into the right places. Topics :

Recruitment Market: Situation and OutlookHow you will be smarter in your recruitment marketing
Successful cases
The post

2022’s Top 5 most widely used Webinars appeared first on

Universum. 2. World’s Most Attractive Employer 2022With our society Most Attractive Employer 2022 webinar, we shared our Employer Branding data and research

with HR and talent acquisition professionals around the globe. This webinar outlines the outcomes of survey, where we gathered data from significantly more than  185,000 students
around the

top 9 leading markets

in the planet. In this, we deep dive into talent preferences and market evolution. Download the eBook »window.popup_contents_63af202388561 = “html”:” n”;

3. Talent Outlook 2022Our Talent Outlook webinar is focused on the
key talent trends
that will shape 2022, including the results of a survey regarding hybrid working. We share throughout this video

talent market predictions that will shape how employer branding is evolving. Download the eBook »

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22 Great 2022’s Top 5 most widely used Webinars 1.

Employer Branding Now 2022Our Employer Branding Now 2022 webinar allowed us to fairly share with this community the

best practices

  • and present an
  • overview of what leading companies around the globe are doing to attract the most effective talents. 
  • For this 7

th edition, the host, Richard Mosley, talks in regards to the recent alterations in employer branding after the Covid-19 crisis and also the challenges companies now face. Download the eBook »window.popup_contents_63af202388543 = “html”:”n


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