11 superb Model Slogans, Taglines, and Mottos

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11 Nice Model Slogans, Taglines, and Mottos


First, let’s demystify the distinction between these phrases, as they typically get intertwined.

1. What’s a Slogan?

Think about you’re at a busy farmers market, surrounded by stalls promoting delicious-looking apples. All of a sudden, you hear somebody proclaim, “Crunch into happiness with our apples!” This catchy phrase is a slogan – a artistic mantra used to highlight the distinctive advantage of a services or products. It’s just like the stall proprietor grabbing your consideration amidst the bustling market. 

2. What’s a Tagline?

Image a flowery resort with an indication that reads, “Uncover the posh inside.” This can be a tagline. The resort’s promise to you conveys its values and mission. It’s not a few specific service however the total model promise. 

3. What’s a Motto?

Now, think about you’re peeking behind the scenes at a bakery. You discover an indication on the wall stating, “Baking with love, for love.” This phrase represents the bakery’s core perception, its tenet. That’s what a motto is – an inside philosophy guiding the model’s actions. 


2022 superb Model Slogans, Taglines, and Mottos

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