2022 amazing Warner Hotels Launches New Ad 11 amazing Warner Hotels Launches New Ad

22 awesome Warner Hotels Launches New Ad

Warner Hotels launches a fresh ad campaign to advertise it is adults-only hotels.

Teaming up with advertising agency, Now, Warner has established a parallel universe, Hollywood Style. Due to the fact kids get restless with nothing fun to accomplish, the thriller-esque music tension mounts.

The horror-film-style advert shows children in a variety of elements of an extra hotel. It starts with thunder, balls knocking down signs, and lights flickering into the lobby of a hotel. Two girls come in a hotel, dressed up in blue, paying homage towards the horror classic The Shining. The scene flashes between a hot tub filled with inflatable toys, to a young child watching a film in a cinema, surrounded by popcorn.

Suddenly, the scene changes to birds singing, blue skies, and adults doing yoga in the lawn into the sunshine. The youngsters disappear while the tagline ‘Enjoy a kid-free break’ appears in the screen.


The MD for Warner Hotels, Simon Thompson said, “For our new brand campaign launch, we wished to create something with real stand-out. This new campaign is unlike anything we’ve done before. We think the distinctive creative concept and dramatic execution will grab our audience’s attention and hopefully ensure they consider Warner if they plan their next UK break.”

NOW CCO Ben da Costa says: “I adore my kids, not other people’s when they’re kicking my plane seat. With families cooped up together, what better option to remind the adults there is a spot designed exclusively for them. An extreme imagining of what children at a Warner Hotel may be like. Many Thanks to your clients for going with us with this child-free rollercoaster.”