2022 awesome Mark Ronson and Madlib form teams with Coca-Cola

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2022 Great Mark Ronson and Madlib form teams with Coca-Cola


Mark Ronson by World Branding Forum

Mark Ronson and Madlib, two legendary names within the music sampling business have teamed up with Coca-Cola for a brand new marketing campaign.

The campaign aims to highlight the brand’s move from green to clear plastic along with it’s products, Sprite, Fresca and Seagram.

The musical experiment produced by Mark Ronson and Madlib “Recycled Records” take sounds through the recycling process and has now been launched alongside a brief film narrated by MC Lyte. The movie is a documentary-style short explaining the recycling process. Fans is likewise able to utilize the exact same sound library to re-mix their very own tracks.

The world-famous award-winning producer and sampling expert, Mark Ronson said, “Sampling is an artform which will be constantly regenerating. The littlest sound, whether from a classic record or through the world all around us, can inspire a whole bit of music. I learnt from my heroes, DJ Premier and Q-Tip, who all made incredible albums from sampling, also it’s stayed a fundamental piece of could work up to today.”

“The Coca-Cola Company is thrilled to possess teamed up with Mark Ronson and Madlib to celebrate our portfolio’s transition from green to clear plastic. This sonic partnership is an element of the Coca-Cola Company’s broader World Without Waste goals,” said Kurt Ritter, Vice President and General Manager, Sustainability, The Coca-Cola Company the united states. “We’re stoked up about the switch since it escalates the quantity of high-quality, food-grade recycled plastic for sale in the market and ultimately allows our brands to utilize more recycled plastic within their packaging.”

You will get out more in regards to the experience here.


22 awesome Mark Ronson and Madlib form teams with Coca-Cola

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