22 superior Revived After 36 Years, Luna Luna Amusement Park Reopens

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2022 Nice Revived After 36 Years, Luna Luna Amusement Park Reopens


After 36 years in storage, Luna Luna, the world’s inaugural artwork amusement park, has declared its reopening. Originating from the imaginative and prescient of Austrian artist and entrepreneur André Heller, the park debuted in 1987 in Hamburg, Germany. 

Heller diligently designed over 30 famend artists’ works for a decade. As well as, it incorporates items by luminaries like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and Salvador Dalí.

Nonetheless, a authorized maze surfaced mere months after its launch, abruptly halting the park’s world tour and journey zoo. Additional, it lowers all artworks to storage. Latest renewal emerged by way of rapper Drake’s $100 million funding, liberating the park from its 36-year hiatus.

Renamed “Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy,” the artwork show now occupies an unlimited warehouse on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles. The area boasts vibrant hues and an array of amusement options however lacks compliance with trendy security laws. Moreover, it presents non-operational amenities. Nonetheless, it stays a haven for creative admiration.

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Non-Practical But Charming: What Makes Luna Luna Stand Out After 36 Years?

The park, after 36 years, has no practical rides however is an ode to creative creativity. Likewise, it options the masterworks of Twentieth-century luminaries like David Hockney, Rebecca Horn, Kenny Scharf, Philip Glass, and George Baselitz.

Noteworthy sights embrace David Hockney’s “Enchanted Tree,” a chromatic architectural marvel. Apart from, Salvador Dalí’s “Dalí Dome” is an immersive, kaleidoscopic realm of mirrors.

“Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy” invitations guests to look at its creative spectacle. Tickets and additional particulars can be found on the official web site for these desirous to expertise this creative revival through the subsequent opening occasions.

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The park‘s revival owes gratitude to Drake’s strong funding because it transitioned from its inception in Hamburg to its hiatus as a result of authorized troubles.  Furthermore, its relocation to Los Angeles brings a renewed alternative for artwork followers to marvel on the iconic works designed by André Heller.

The park’s incapability to adjust to security requirements doesn’t diminish its attract as a sanctuary for creative marvels. As attendees discover the area, they encounter a fusion of famend artist expressions and immersive installations. Fairly clearly, it results in an affidavit to creativity and innovation.

“Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy” is proof of resilience, rising once more after 36 years as a prop of creative wonderment for forthcoming generations.


11 Nice Revived After 36 Years, Luna Luna Amusement Park Reopens

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